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Valentina, Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. - Ian St. Gielar Studio, Hollywood, Florida
The past - the Museum

Welcome to Stanley Hagler N.Y.C.® Museum

This part of our website shows and explains with examples how beginning the time Ian started to create his masterpieces for Stanley Hagler back in 1990-s, the "Stanley Hagler N.Y.C." style evolved onto a completely different level, into Costume Jewelry brand that is now widely admired and collected all over the world.

Stanley Hagler began as a one-man operation in the back room of his friend's Antique shop and continued as that till his move to South Florida in 1983, where it became "Stanley Hagler N.Y.C."
   More on Company's and Names' history and facts, as well as pictures of really old Hagler's designs, you will find in updated Reference section of this site.

In 1989 Ian Gielar comes into the Studio to become in few months Hagler's first chief-designer section you can find examples of our past designs, beginning the moment Ian started to create his masterpieces for Stanley Hagler back in 1990, bringing the volume and festive colors to people around him and the brand itself.

Ian continued to create in his Studio, registering the trade mark Stanley Hagler N.Y.C.® and adding "Ian St. Gielar" to all his jewelry. That period the brand became really international with great help from internet exposure gaining desirability and popularity around the globe.

...And the Show goes on now with Ian's favorite apprentice and real successor — Valentina, who keeps the Studio running and continues Ian's legacy by creating more beautiful "Stanley Hagler N.Y.C." pieces than ever, receiving complements and bringing joy into hundreds of enthusiasts' collections. You can pick an addition to yours at our Store , the part of the site where you can see available for immediate sale or pre-ordered "Stanley Hagler N.Y.C."® Costume Jewelry lines.

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