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Welcome to Stanley Hagler N.Y.C.® Online Store

Here you can find a piece of our Costume Jewelry that is available for immediate sale, or maybe you'll get an idea for your next order wit us... In any case, here they are, timeless classics of a Costume Jewelry World, continued to be designed by Ian St. Gielar's only real apprentice and successor — Valentina, who after Ian's passing is the sole legal owner of «Stanley Hagler N.Y.C.»® and of the Company.

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Dragonfly couple
$ 300

Wear it alone or wear as a couple, either way you'll have your dragonly escort with you. (priced for set of two brooches; each can be sold separately)

Book series. Leafy Christmas Tree
$ ask

Large Lucite German leaves and Swarovski Crystal rhinestones and components alone would not be placed on the cover page of a collector guide book. One of this line brooches was.

Art-Deco Space Sphere
$ 350

This old in both, the style and manufacturing date, brooch is a look-back impression of 100-year old trends and imaginariness.

Our Classics. Christmas Tree
$ 270

Another brooch from our classic line of Christmas Tree brooches. This time with vintage Japanese glass based Antiqued Baroque Pearl beads.

Our Classics. Christmas Tree
$ 350

Another brooch from our classic line of Christmas Tree brooches.

Our Classics. Christmas Tree
$ 250

Another brooch from our classic line of Christmas Tree brooches.

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